Conquer Within

Conquer Within
As important as it is for us to fight the battles of the world and be a force for good, the far more important war is the one we fight inwardly.

To conquer oneself is ultimately our greatest service to the world. As only once we have learned to master our own forces and spirit can we truly help others.

Discontent, burnout and frustration with the problems of the world and society are often a reflection of our own hesitation to fight the battles within ourself.

Is it much easier to lament upon the struggles and misgivings of the external world than it is to face those same issues within ourselves.

Our desire and motivation to help others and right the wrongs of the world is important and not to be disregarded. It is the purest display of the nature of our soul. Our instinct to give, protect, problem-solve and output value is a quality not exhibited by all, but valued by all.

Finding the equilibrium between our inner peace and our outer purpose is the journey of life. Not a destination to be reached but a mindset to be lived.

The fact that we've even found ourselves interested in this genre of information should be a clear sign to ourselves that we're on the right path.

In order to serve others we must first serve ourselves. In order to serve our greatest purpose we must be able to control what happens within. When the frustrations of the outside world and it's inability to change quickly becomes overwhelming, we must seek the weakness within ourself that is allowing that emotion to manifest.

Just like you, I don't claim to have it all figured out. But what I do know is that we need to be proud of what we've done, prepared for where we're going, disciplined to push ourselves to get there and present to enjoy the ride.

For I am certain that the good guys win in the end. Black and white, yin and yang, duality. It's all real. All for a purpose. All by design. All for us.

The more in-tune we are with ourselves the better we can serve the world.

Keep going, never quit.