Bobby Sausalito

Bobby Sausalito ® is a Comedian, political commentator and Internet personality most notably recognized on Instagram as @takenaps.

He is a self-proclaimed "loud mouthed New England guido" living in South Florida and making comedy videos about politics, the economy, current events, real estate, roasting, travel and dubious observations.

Bobby has amassed a social media presence of over 200,000 followers and earned tens of millions of video views and counting. He has be interviewed and featured on Blaze TV's "The Chad Prather Show," Turning Point USA's TPUSA Live Show, The Epoch Times as well as on a number of major podcasts including the Real AF Podcast with Andy Frisella, the Dropping Bombs Podcast with Brad Lea, the Drinkin' Bros Podcast, The David J. Harris Jr. Show, The Hardcore Closer Podcast with Ryan Stewman, The Red White & Truth on RSBN and many others. 

Bobby is Turning Point USA Ambassador and has spoken at a number of events including The Great American Summit and others.

Meet Bobby Sausalito ®

Must-See Speech

      TV, Podcasts & Interviews

      • The Epoch Times @ TPUSA's AmericaFest 2021
      • TPUSA Live by Turning Point USA
        • 4/26/22 - VP Kamala Harris Tests Positive for Covid-19 (w/ Rapper Tom MacDonald, Jon Root, Isabel Brown, Stephen 'MAGA Hulk' Davis)
          Watch on YouTube
        • 4/24/22 - Let's Ditch Forty Six (w/ Jon Root, Isabel Brown, Alex Clark)
          Watch on YouTube
      • You, Yourself and Why w/ Steve Y. Gardner

      Speeches & Live Events

      Bobby with DJ and Andy Frisella at 1st Phorm HQ, Real AF Podcast, Feb 2021
      Bobby Sausalito on The Chad Prather Show
      Bobby on BlazeTV's 'The Chad Prather Show', Jan 2022
      Bobby with Shane Vitko and Tommy Vext, Deviant Gentlemen Podcast, October 2020
      Bobby with Jon Root and Stephen 'MAGA Hulk' Davis at Turning Point USA's TPUSA Live Show - April 2022
      Bobby and John Bartolo, The John Bartolo Show, September 2020

      Social Media Links

        Contact Bobby or Email woke@bobbysauce.com

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