The Bobby Sauce Gettysburg Address

Bobby Sausalito speaking at The Great American Summit

Beanbags and cornpops alike witnessed history when Bobby Sausalito spoke at The Great American Summit in Irving, Texas at the start of 2022.

It was an inspirational gathering of freedom-loving American citizens and like-minded folks who appreciate and love America, our military, first responders, police and those who fight to defend it.

The speech is a combination of political stand-up comedy, storytelling and inspiration meant to make you laugh, cry and somersault through a brick wall to save America.


I’d like start off by saying thank you so much for your attention, I sincerely appreciate your precious time and I promise you I will not waste it.

For those who don't already know, I am Bobby Sausalito aka Bobby Sauce, most commonly known on Instagram as @takenaps and I make political satire videos on the Interwebs so we can laugh at how dumb the world is while it burns to the ground.

I'm gunna clap your cheeks with a few facts, tickle your brainbag, shove a Fowch booster directly into your dirtstar, and hopefully light you up so you'll somersault into 2022 hopefully ready to Kool aid man through the nearest wall to help save America.

First let's start with the obvious, Joseph Garbinette Marionette Brimming Depends Weekend at Bernies Hunter Got a Blood Diamond Byron aka Joey Choco Choco Chip the alleged president supposedly leading the free world with Barry in is his earpiece is not currently residing here on the Earth’s crust.

Woke policies are garbage, the world is upside down in a mass psychosis, Joe Rogan is the most influential person on Earth right now, the radical left wants to destroy America, wokeism is a disease and the mainstream media is the virus.

The coronaclap is real, the reaction is totalitarian and most of our supposed leaders are feckless clowns beholden to much larger entities, primarily financial ones and their allegiance is to themselves, their wallet and their ability to remain prominent in the public eye. 

They seek to stay drenched in power and out of the targets of the monsters whom they serve who will ultimately eat them whenever they lose their purpose.

NOW. Let's start with how got here. Buckle up beanbags.

The world is run by a very small group of powerful individuals, international banking cartels, shadowy, multi-generational family units hell bent on complete and total control of the world, its people, politics, and money. 

They likely believe that they know better than us, they are better than us and thus they should control how the world is run.... allegedly.

The vast majority of our fellow human beings do not pay attention to the primary functions of how the world works, nor do they believe they have a place in it where they could influence great change. 

Most people are woefully and willfully unaware of what is happening around them and they spend most of their time living their life, trying to enjoy it as best they can and following the direction of the tribe as to not stand out or be noticed outside the general flow of things. 

Most people find it easier to be on what appears to be the winning team, so they conform to the will of the group as a way to dismiss their own power and responsibility to output greatness into the world on a regular basis.

The vast majority of people consume their information through a very limited and filtered group of sources which are owned, controlled, influenced, monitored and tailored by the exact same entities that seek to control the way you think. 

The traditional mainstream media, television, newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, talk shows, movies, production studios and all traditional information distribution points are secured, bought and paid for; including their many employees who are financially beholden to this structure in one way or the other and typically choose their financial interests and security over the betterment of the public.

The last bastion of free thought and ideas is the Internet, the great equalizer and world changing free market where everyday individuals with great ideas can thrive.

Naturally, this last and final free thought distribution hub represents the greatest threat to the narrative, as unlike in-person interaction, it allows great ideas to spread quickly, inexpensively and to more people faster than any other distribution of thought that has ever existed in the history of human existence.

The ultimate threat to control is unity, the only thing that can save the world is the truth.

We are fighting an intellectual war, perhaps the first of its kind at such a large scale. The free distribution of thought and discussion will ultimately solve all the world's problems, as Conversations are how human beings evolve and grow.

These conversations are actively being suppressed by our big tech overlords and the large, multinational corporations who finance their operation through advertising dollars. Our mission is to utilize these platforms to obtain the greatest distribution of our message, diversify the outflows of our opinions and press forward strategically, regardless of the obstacles.

Humanity will be saved by thought. Small groups of like-minded individuals who relentlessly promote the cause of liberty, free speech, truth, justice and love will be the forefathers of the future.

The statues of whom future generations aspire to be like are being assembled today in the form of media distribution. The statues of tomorrow are the content of today.

Never in human history have your words and actions had the ability to remain cemented in time with such clarity as they are right now.

The recorded word, video, audio, image and text of today will be emblazoned into the future of human existence far beyond what we can even comprehend in this moment.

With just today's technology, more data than you could output in an entire lifetime can be stored on a memory crystal smaller than your hand and preserved for billions of years.

The sheer power of our words and actions in this moment in time are beyond measure. If we could only understand the severity and longevity our words and thoughts actually posses, we would change the way we speak, we would change the way we think.

Nearly all great historical figures, especially those for which we have the most reverence have started out as relatively insignificant, unknown and average folks that decided to be great. 

It is likely that most of them were unaware of how important they were to human history, much like many of us overlook and dismiss our own significance. We condition ourselves with the mental pacifier that we are not worthy, we are not capable or we don't know where we fit into the greater picture - and thus, we should do nothing.

This uncertainty is expected, acknowledged and hopefully quickly shelved as we seek to solve the problems we can solve, control the things we can control, and output the greatest, ever evolving version of ourself until the day we die.

We grossly underindex to our capacity, constantly losing the battle with ourselves. It is only when we realize this daily fight that we can begin to control it.

No matter who you are, your greatness is unmatched, limitless and defined purely and simply by your daily actions, the decisions you make from day to day and moment to moment and your effort.

All great things have begun with a single thought and all great movements have begun with a small group of like-minded individuals who believed what they were fighting for was right.

For it is the invisible hand and spirit of the universe that causes the road to rise to meet us.

By thinking, acting, moving, executing and striving to help create a better world, your seemingly insignificant actions will leave an indelible and ever expanding impact on the world that is impossible to measure.

This life is a game, and those who choose to play to win are the only ones who can.

Your words are powerful.
Your dollars are powerful.
Your ideas are powerful.
Your attention and focus will determine your destiny.

Can you do it? With certainty.
Will you do it? That is for only you to determine.

The spirit of America is rooted in altruism. Whether it be our divine creator, the forefathers of America, our ancestors, our parents or the many brave souls who came before us - our duty to them is to carry the torch. 

To be as brave as they were. 
To never give up. 
To never relent. 
To sacrifice and to fight for a better world with every last breath we have.

The problem is clear, but the solution is you. Who will you tell, what will you say, how will you live, what will you leave behind?

My dad once told me to be careful what you say because you are listening. 
My Mom said as long as we're here, we might as well dance. 
My brother said, the things we can see are the least real. 
And the leader of the free world said, all men and women, created by the, go, you know the thing.

My friends, comedy is the Trojan Horse for the truth. Each of us, working together, towards a common goal is the only solution that can ever work. The world is changed by individuals.

In this upside down, backwards and confusing garbage world, things are still actually pretty great.

My parents have a sign in their living room that reads, “the only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

There are only two emotions, fear and love. Choose love and success is inevitable.