15 months ago I felt like I was one of very few people in my circle who could really see what was going on.

Every information source around me seemed to reiterate the mainstream zeitgeist talking points. It felt lonesome seeing what I felt was the truth almost to the point where I questioned if I was tricking myself out of society for a thankless cause.

To some degree, I feel that most people have a desire to do something heroic, to make a mark on the world or at the very least leave it net positive as so many before us have done.

I never served in the military, I dropped out of college and entrepreneurial goals had always seemed like the best impact I could make. After all, the system was rigged, the powerful were bought and paid for and what could I do?

Through sheer frustration to the point of laughing I decided to start venting on Instagram. It was therapeutic. Creating a record of my observations so that at some later date I could say "SEE, I CALLED IT" because I didn't know what else to do.

Somehow, a door opened and I decided to sprint through it.

15 months after that decision, life has changed tremendously. Over 120,000 people follow my accounts and my videos have been viewed around the world somewhere in the tens of millions.

The opportunity came because of each of you. I'm so thankful that people have liked, shared, commented, messaged, hugged, thanked, gifted and entered my life in this time. For the first time I feel like I'm doing something that really matters.

I'm so thankful for YOU, your love and your precious time and attention. Truth rises on the shoulders of people who believe in a better world and work to guarantee it.

🇺🇸 Much love to you,
Bobby Gratitude