The 820 Declaration

The 820 Declaration

Written by my brother Tim, 2009

The fate of the people does not shield itself in the illusion of prestige and status, or under the false pretenses of democracy and freedom, or even in the deep seeded emotions of love and affection we hold so dearly. The ultimate salvation of society lies in the actions and ideas of its people uniting as one, using the unreal power and beauty of the mind to enter the planet into a state of complete unending nirvana.

A condensed approach to the objective at hand will be produced; and lastly, the art of consumption will deem itself, and all other tasks, completely useless. The people will eventually entrust all of their true power into a single non-partisan or omniscient observer, and rely on him to reorganize the puzzle from the start.  This is the final endeavor and rebirth of the human spirit on its journey to freedom.

Existence is a sport.

Will a trophy for all your memories complete you? The only true hero is the puppet master and his most prized puppeteer; who just like him, is only as powerful as the puppets that he or she controls. The individual who can reciprocate his hate with love is the true receiver; the individual whom can reproduce the entire spectrum for him from nothing is the one.

High on L.I.F.E.

Love Intensifies Futile Emotions
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation