We Are Not So Different, You and I

We Are Not So Different, You and I
When did loving your country become offensive? Our nation is a representation of our collective human spirit. Imperfect, evolving, overwhelmingly good, rooted in love and driven by the cause of liberty and freedom.
If they can successfully convince people that loving America is bad, wrong or oppressive, the potential extent of their manipulation is limitless.
We are not that different, you and I. We want peace, love, prosperity and freedom. We may disagree on the individual action steps to achieve it, but our interests are aligned.
We are not enemies. Our only true enemy is anyone looking to strip us of our individual powers. If we can recognize this, we are indivisible.
What not enough people can see is that next year's harvest is planted in the seeds of our behaviors today.
Unity is the greatest threat to any faction seeking to exert power, and despite how you view the policies of our world today, it is very clear that your freedom is what is on the chopping block.
The question is: do you have the foresight to see through the distraction and focus on the big picture? A magician will distract you with a handkerchief or a pretty assistant while the main event sneaks out behind the curtain.
Our inability to recognize the distractions in time will lead to unquantifiable loss. Forget the battle of the day and focus on the war. Focus on the big picture. The future. Your financial freedom. Your medical freedom. Your physical freedom.
Our "leaders" are acting with pure lawlessness, yet they have successfully convinced us that we are the problem.