Scaling Up Podcast with Elizabeth Hartke

Scaling Up Podcast with Elizabeth Hartke

Episode 129 - How to Go Viral + Think Critically

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Show Preview from Elizabeth Hartke:

"One thing I always want to do on this show is bring on people with different perspectives, experiences, and businesses. So today we get the hysterical take from Bobby Sausalito!

Listen, if you’re easily triggered, I’ll look forward to your Karen complaint email, but if you have a sense of humor and a hunger for truth and critical thinking, Bobby is your homeboy! I’ve spent many hours in fits of laughter from Bobby’s content.

Bobby shares his story of going viral - how he did it, and how he’s growing his brand from scratch! If you don’t already, check him out on instagram @takenaps.

You’re going to love today’s episode with the guy I’m proud to have in my sphere of influence and friendship, Bobby - BIG BLUE - Sausalito!"